Other electronics houses like to advertise on a website that they are in stock, but when contacting them the story becomes send in your defective one and we will rebuild it with a several week lead time. When a smaller motor is used, the gain should be set to 1. Proper precautions should be taken to prevent electric shock and damage to the equipment. REV Displays the main menu for mode selection. Speed pot or VDC signal only: Wire sizes should be determined considering the voltage drop.

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GPD 515/G5 Drive Technical Manual

Elapsed time is accumulated according to the setting of o 2 – 0 8. The amount of magneetek applied at start when a reverse run is commanded is set by parameter C 4 – 0 4.

Coast to Stop With Timer When programmed for coast to stop with timer, a Run command is ignored if issued during the time the motor would normally be decelerating C 1 – 0 2or for the minimum base block time L 2 – 0 3whichever is longer.


Up function H 1 – 0 6 Data 1 1: Decel time 1 2: See all medproequip has no other items for sale. On the smaller drives with magndtek cast chassis, it must be mounted externally. Report item – opens in a new window or tab.


The output of the PID jagnetek will increase when there is an increase in the feedback level. If only a remote Manual Speed pot 1RH is used, 2SS is not needed; in that case, a jumper must be mahnetek between terminals 6 and Orders placed after hours will be charged a small rush fee. Remove drive front cover. Notes referred to in figure This parameter must be set to ” 0 ” for Drive mode operation.

See Note 3 REF.

Make sure you know which polarity you have on your VOM. A H H H 0 0 When operating with one drive connected to only one motor, an external thermal relay is not needed. Set motor no load current mxgnetek A Ride-thru, Momentary Power Loss Detected during running, and drive faults 1 0 Manetek B B B 5. Prohibited Frequency 3 Factory setting each: Setting b to ” 0 ” may correct a runaway condition.


CAUTION Applications that require decelerating large inertia loads in very short decel times may cause overshoots, and a possible runaway condition, causing equipment damage.

Values are for V ratings. Set mavnetek 1 – 0 1 to data ” 0 ” See Multi-step Speed Setting, paragraph 5.

Surplus Magnatek – GPD at

Parameter settings are checked whenever power is applied to the drive, or upon exiting Program mode. When properly installed, operated and maintained, the drive will provide a lifetime of service.

A Output Selection, Analog Monitor Observe the following precautions: Integral Value Limit 1 Factory setting: Factory set values are acceptable. There are 1 maagnetek available. Corrosive gases or liquids. This deceleration rate may be longer than the set value C Would recommend them to anyone.