Look on the community documentation website or just search your reader model. I can confirm that what Flachzange works for me as well. Then I restarted the pcscd and suddenly it works again. Initio Initio inicta2 Usb Device How to deal with video card driver problems? Refurbished This is a refurbished item restored to meet manufacturer quality standards.

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Then I restarted the pcscd and suddenly it works again.

It doesn’t work for me. I ran lspcmcia -v and got the following output william william-laptop: Check for newer versions at http: It was working fine with 2. Follow lingenfr’s instructions to add: Charismathics Smart Security Interface has been tested with the following card readers: Linux driver support is now available to Dell-branded wireless cards.

Download driver SCR24x PCMCIA Smart Card Reader

Secondly, the drive is housed in an elegant case that would find its place in any environment. After putting a fresh build of Ubuntu Did you make lingenfr’s edit to the install script [see post 5 of this thread]?


This manual is published by Precise Biometrics, without any warranty, expressed or implied with integrated smart card reader and fingerprint sensor. The SCR’s patented design fits effortlessly into a standard. Cheap Sale Buy Online.

Edit the install script. The installation and the usage of some Smart Card software is a complex job.

Download driver SCR24x PCMCIA Smart Card Reader

But when I insert them both and eject one of them I get an kernel panic. I don’t believe that anyone is looking at this and it is obviously broken worse than non-programmers can fix.

Anyone ever try this on Thanks for this guide btw, really helped alot: Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. I banged my head trying to get this work, until i found instructions on http: Install the packages mmoses recommends: Perhaps any other software shows both readers.

It’s a bit of a hassle to restart the daemon whenever I want cxrd use the card after a reboot, but oh well. The documentation for the reader. You just install a couple of apps from the repo, a little firefox tweaking and you are rocking. Does the driver need to be re-installed every time the kernel is updated?


Hoping, everybody can help me. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional bit. I didn’t need to make the changes mmoses noted for the includes file. It worked under Intrepid following these instructions.

HP Scr Smart Card Reader/writer | eBay

What am I doing wrong? I can confirm that what Flachzange works for me as well. Now we need to make a h; to the includes file to update it for the new kernel.