Has anyone seen anything Creative has said about this issue, seeing as nobody seems to know how to use their card? In the beginning the universe was created. ALSA is at the lowest level i. And if I turn on the microphone I can hear that just fine in the headphones. I can’t have both of them. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.

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Check out my ebay auction for my signature space on JLC. Does anyone know what I have to adjust to get the LineIn signal on all 5 or 4 speakers?

There were 2 updates to aufigy Ubuntu base on Monday 23 Januarythe Sound was lost after the first update I believe, I cetainly have not had any Sound since the second update.

Comment on this change optional. Recognized as EMU10k2, no idea where to get a driver and then how to install it. They hope these examples will help you audigu get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

SoundcardsWithHardwareSynth – Community Help Wiki

I boot and the system cannot recognize my “new” sound card. Then set the volume for the source you want, and hit spacebar for capture on that too. Doom3 – the routing needs to be fixed: I also figured out that my boomy bass was caused by the “Tone” slider being muted. Archangel to Rexter Member Jul 3: I have tried every combination of mixer settings that I can concieve of.


On my older computer I usually had to blacklist the driver for the onboard because Ubuntu would still pick up on it and I’d get no sound, even though it was disabled in bios.

This bug affects 2 people.

Test for Card

I’m trying to configure mixxx with jack output two seperate stereo pairs main and headphone via jack to my SB Live 5. Here are the first two lines of my output. Set one of these to capture and that’s what you’ll hear and presumably record from Note that if you select “Mix”, you will get a akdigy nasty horrible squeal.

Check that the following have the volume set: If I try speaker-test with surround 40, 41, 50, 51, That is a lowercase “L”. It should not be to much work to add an extra option to the kernel module to revert the rear speaker connection so that the Bass is not canceled out with some of the SBlive cards.


April 29th, 2. Open up Terminal and type: Disabled integral audio card in BIOS. How to detect Creative Sound blaster Audigy 2?

Are you certain that the emu10k1 driver s is loaded? ALSA playback test through plughw: Personally, i get 5. Can it be that what is missing is a “wakeup soundcard” command in my resume script?

They only have SSE2s although yours does have SSE3s, too, since it was one of the later ones – plus bit capability It does ubyntu help to lower some or all related mixer controls.

It does date from the early s, after all. For more information see this link. Playing music with aplay -D plughw: Dell Computer Corporation dmi.