If both values match then its fine and will continue execution. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Assert is failing because assertEquals is trying to compare an WebElement with a string. Please suggest the workarounds if any.

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I hope this blog provides you a solution. Selenium 2selenium webdriverTestNG Tutorialstestng. Verify reports while seleium TestNG assertions.

Assertions are used to perform various kinds of validations in the tests and help us to decide whether the test has passed or failed. Email Required, but never shown.

You can verify from the output below that both cases failed while only the first one had the error. In this example, you can see wedbriver there are multiple test cases.

Assertions in Selenium Web Driver – Perficient Blogs

So, Store the respective element in a variable and then use getText method on the element, which would return a string and then call assertEquals which compares both strings. May be better to compare two values to use following – if time. Although Soft Assertions work in a way different from Hard Assertion where normal flow of execution resumes although there is failure in the asserting script.

Assert Equals works by comparing the Expected condition with that of the Actual condition based on which the test results are displayed.


Post as a guest Name. As the name suggests, these assertions put a strict restriction on the test script in which it is placed. ChathuD 1, 4 We hope you have merged the above code with POM framework source code.

Gaurav Khurana 6 January at If the Actual and Expected do not match, then the test Script passes else it fails.

TestNG library itself offers the facility to perform Soft Assertions in your test without writing any custom logic. Assertions give you a qssertions, other than If-Else blocks, to test conditions.

How to verify using assert command?

How to Use TestNG Assertions to Verify Tests in Selenium

Assertions provide a means for users to validate any kind of test. I’d certainly do some research on how to use your test framework of choice. Assertions are important and very useful in any software automation tools to assert something during your test execution.

As you can see, the test is failed, and the text is successfully printed on console even after a previous assertion has failed thus asserrions complete test execution. As seen above, the text is not printed, and the code following the assertion is never executed after assertion failure. I executed the following code: If present it will continue execution from the next line or if it is not present the execution xssertions there and your test case fails. My situation is i have one edit but on screen but that edit button is present sellenium some certain criteria.


Verification and assertion is little different in software testing so don’t be confused. Sign up using Facebook. Thus, the usage of Assertions plays a vital role in identifying the flaws in the application being tested.

When using hard assertions in the test scripts, your test script will stop executing when the assertion fails, and the test will be failed in TestNG report. We will take help to understand how soft assertions are used in TestNG seleniun the code snippets mentioned below:. Sign asaertions or log in Sign up using Google. A test is considered passed only when the Assertions show no Exceptions. Abhinav 1 12 We added it to highlight the issue which occurs when one test failure makes other tests to fail.