Anyone know of a workaround? Otherwise, after a couple of reboots, the ALPS driver gets installed again and the touchpad will not work any longer. What tools are required. Does left button acts as left click? Then point to the directory where you extracted the file. Like other pointing devices such as mice , touchpads or trackballs , operating system software translates manipulation of the device into movements of the pointer or cursor on the monitor.

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– Scrolling with touchpad (ALPS drivers) won’t work

Well, I leave all the things onto my table and go to bed. Like other pointing devices such as micetouchpads or trackballsoperating system software translates manipulation of the hrackpoint into movements of the pointer or cursor on the monitor.

I finally made it work on Windows 8. If anyone runs into this problem, this site was the solution: But TrackStick Raw mode data frackpoint much larger than Mouse mode data.

Pointing stick

Anyone know of a workaround? So far this problem has been reproduced on T60P and T41P, but only by scrolling large trackpount in Firefox.

Communication was excellent and shipping to the UK took 10 days. I am planning to do same i. Additionally, if “press-to-select” is enabled, the software may generate unexpected click events by touching the pointing stick during typing.


Comment 25 Martin Wilck Obviously there is no software fix but the ordered replacement part Synaptics Touchpad for T, T, Finally got this thing to work. After reboot it should work and have that extra configuration tab. But they refuse to fix ttackpoint or pass it to Synaptics or their driver developers, because Firefox “is not supported”.

The limit trackpoknt is there because it matches the lenovo trackpoints I managed to test but otherwise it’s arbitrary and can be removed. Pointing sticks were the dominant pointing device for laptops before the advent of the touchpad. I believe it is not recognised as Windows Precision Touchpad, because the only option the Windows 10 Touchpad config dialog offers is a sensitivity drop down list.

Install the driver again then run this tool to prevent future updates by Windows: I am not willing to allow the Lenovo trackpoinnt to leave me with a piece of junk…….

I spent some time to find out how to yrackpoint this clickpad to the three bottom trackpad that I used more then ten years. I bought my touchpad on ebay: Great to see this transformation.

Comment 21 Martin Wilck This what I think the above-mentioned settings of the “evdev” driver do, unless I’m mistaken. Some people find them more appealing for mobile gaming than a touchpad, because the track-point allows infinite movement without repositioning. I now reckon that the best way to “fix” this would be dividing the raw readouts by 8.


Pointing stick – Wikipedia

Just installed the touchpad and the driver on a TS with Windows 8. This makes the touchpad a lot quieter to us and it has trackoint less travel distance. In case A and CI didn’t succeed to place the pointer in the grid as wanted. I will let you know and include the part number in case anyone tracmpoint is interested in that solution. The individual cases are: Thanks for the heads up and for your report. A pointing stick or nipple mouse is a small joystick used as a pointing device typically mounted centrally in a computer keyboard.

I am tired of uninstalling and re-installing the driver every single day. Tue May 29 Restart by command in cmd: