I mean i dont mind if it sounds a bit shittier but the current one is very very bad. Alienware’s Official Facebook page. Is there something I did wrong?!?! Your name or email address: On laptops it will boost the max volume considerably.

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Discussion in ‘ Alienware 17 and M17x ‘ started by sleetJun 15, Share Aliwnware Page Tweet. However, if some of the other users verify the solution, then I would recommend it for you. Just squeeze in a few different spots and if it helps than it’s a hardware issue.

m17x R3 870m sound issue

By that I think its the Realtek driver? There are other places for that. Gayle Lee FairlessJun 15, I went so far as to reinstall the HD and the audio problem remained. All other aspects of the 17R4 worked just fine. To help with m7x low volume try going into the audio device settings, the enhancements tab, and checking loudness equalization.

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Alienware’s official Support Forum. I have no certainly that alieware procedure will actually solve your problem. The others command centre etc are there though. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


For some reason I can’t find it in the ‘uninstall’ list but I do have the app. Yours could be software, but it may just be the speaker vibrating against the laptop case at certain frequencies. As you may ,17x know, Windows 7 will not directly install nVidia drivers because Dell has not authenticated those nVidia drivers with Microsoft.

Probably not what you want to hear.

I’ve no idea how but aloenware day my sounds became very shitty distorting, sizzling sound, cracks when playing normal music etc. Been trying to find a solution the whole day tried last time but gave up. If you have a problem please contact Alienware through proper phone support or social media for official support. It is necessary to strip the metadata and install the nVidia drivers as unknown software.

The trick you can do, you must uninstall all idt audio drivers, uninstall all nvidia drivers, reboot, disable sound in the BIOS, install nvidia drivers, reboot, enable sound in the BIOS, then install IDT audio drivers.

Alienware 17 Sound Distortion : Alienware

Alienware 17 and M17x. Submit a new link.


Does anyone have a solution? I wonder if reinstalling Windows 7, if you have it, along with the installation of the proper drivers would be the cure. DanishbluntNov 27,in forum: You mean in the windows uninstall program its not there.

Is there something I did wrong?!?! Doesn’t work, tried uh squeezing but it seems to be coming from everywhere.


Hi guys, this has been troubling me for some time. A community to discuss everything Alienware, from laptops to desktops to gear.

With this change though I’ve realised that my laptop sound is considerably lower even at maximum volume and n17x doesn’t sound as good as before. If you have an official support request or problem, we can not help you with that as we do not work for Dell.

Someone will probably say it ruins the audio quality for some reason, but I prefer it enabled.