Jan 21, Posts: Well, it’s different in this way: I would recommend this bridge or a similar product. The techniques for isolating one circuit from another didn’t exactly have to be invented for this gear, you know? One other word of caution.

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Supports 8K MAC address table per module. It’s been working fine so far. A low-pass filter may be needed between any phones and their respective jacks to block noise.

What do you guys think of HomePNA?

What they aren’t telling you is that it is really a HomePNA 1 device and will slow your network down to the lowest common denominator. Supports rich diagnostic LED indicators.

Be careful when shopping for a bridge. San Francisco, CA Registered: Modern three- or four-pair phone wire is actually unshielded twisted pair and two of those pairs will often work fine for base-T 10 Mbpsno “phone line networking” interfaces needed.

And how is this different from the power lines?

HomePNA Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

Live power going straight to your motherboards PCI bus is bad news. Originally posted by Dominick: It took me 4 days at 12 hours per day to get my network to work properly because of this. With an existing telephone line at home, PN lets you share files, printers, modems, hard disk or CD-ROM sub while allowing you to talk freely on the phone.


Also, if I have both an ethernet card hooked to a router and a HomePNA adapter in the same computer will I homelna problems? If you’re silly enough to leave your computer hooked up to the outside world when lightning is nearby, the power lines are a much bigger source of trouble than the phone lines.


Just to let you know. May 14, Posts: Buy a real hpna bridge and use an ehternet card on your computer.

It works out fine because the two computers that it services are light on bandwidth. BTW, a bridge is sort of like a two port switch.

The PN makes networking PCs at home easier than ever. I’ve bought in a LONG time. Computer 1 plugs into line 2, Bridge plugs into line 2, computer 2 plugs into line 1. Tue Sep 03, 2: Some vendors call their bridges “HomePNA 2 compatible,” which is technically true because the standard homepha backward compatible.

Mon Sep 02, 6: Supports 1M system memory per module.


What do you guys think of homePNA?

Transparent to all kind of network protocols. Try it sometime in walls with fire stops, sound deadener, and vaulted ceilings. Well, it’s different in this way: Compact size Design for easy a-lnik. The HomePNA Alliance is an incorporated non-profit industry association of companies that develops and standardizes technology for home networking over the existing coaxial cables and telephone wiring within homes, so new wires do not need to be installed.

What do you guys think of homePNA? – Ars Technica OpenForum

I have two floors, plus a basement, and a tiny a-ljnk, and what I am doing is bringing lines down from the attic to the second floor rooms, plus one long line to a second hub in the basement, and lines from that to first floor rooms.

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The original protocols used balanced pair telephone wire.