Newer Topic Older Topic. Dec 04, Location: This can be done in the setting, setting, local networks. This command will send the X10 command “on” to the X10 housecode i number 7 and the off command to adres housecode a number 2. This page was last edited on 4 December , at Posted on Sun Apr 05, I’ll try to post some pointers on the setup and use of x10d.

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Many thanks, indeed that was from a millennium mostly missed by my search when the processing power of a Plug was called a workstation. I hope to figure out most from the readable code, lest you draw the IRS’s wrath User specified offset hours: For instance; the simulation of presence is executed only when your alarm is activated. Once everything is set according to your wishes, you can enter this into the memory of msrmitek CM15Pro and turn off your computer.

Marmitek CM11 PC Interface v Active Home Automation Module | eBay

The CM11a was sold under various brand names and with various powerline connections. Now there is another thread http: This should be less of an issue in the US, but the lack of returned status persists, making it hard to e. The initial comment in the source code, “How to compile on Solaris 8”, gives you some indication of its lineage and the timeframe in which it was written, but it runs just fine on the Plug.


I’ve never had a problem with X10 causing interference. Current time nowTimet localtime is: Powered by phpBB for Bwired.

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Finally, my ham radio hobby has occasionally caused problems for my X10 devices, although on the whole they fare better than some other electronics. You may wish to look at the thread below.

The CM11a is not supported from Domoticz directly but by following the below explanation it works nicely. If you now send x10 command over the powerlines with a x10 transmitter you will see them in the terminal passing by. Views Read View source View history.

We can use the json api to let Heyu send commands to Domoticz. Function – Report Current Date and Time: Nothing I’ve done gets the CM15 to be visible in serial port configuration.

Marmitek CM11-USB Network Card User Manual

I am using the Prolific driver v1. I posted some information about how to set up x10d and get it running on cm111 website: Here in the US, most houses are 2-phased.

Mmarmitek on Mon Apr 06, 4: Now we can first define our aliases for x10 housecode and module numbers that we need in the heyu configuraton file. In Europe, permissible transmit power for X10 on the mains is so limited indeed that CFL lighting, starters and switching PSUs become much of an obstacle to the signal, in particular until a low-frequency, isb PLC networking phase coupler has been installed. The newer A10 modules are said to be much more sensitive.


X10 building automation under Debian April 08, You can also pre-set the CM15Pro for use in another house. I am not sure the newer approaches are sufficiently bidirectional and well supported on all OSs to justify higher price tags, but their power consumption not negligible for always-on receivers should be marmtiek lower. Or does it just uses the same USB “serial port” which is a lot more likely?

To start Heyu at reboot and in case it fails it does sometimes it must be restarted again every hour.

Thank you for your help, it is certainly very fussy with USB. I used this compiler to compile the software. Please see this wiki for more explanation on json api.

If you choose to try installing this program on your Plug, feel free mrmitek ask questions. However, lots of things tend to interfere with X