Sondius provided the software technology for Creative Labs to add some basic physical modelling sounds to their latest soundcard, for more realism and expressive playing. The Creative WaveSynth is a software based WaveTable Synth which provides additional voices for composition and playback. A large number of Sound Blaster 16 cards have a flawed digital sound processor on board that causes various issues with MIDI daughtercards attached to the Wave Blaster header. As some of you pointed out an SB16 is more era correct when it comes to socket 7, and I felt the digitized sound wasn’t as good with the CT I don’t know what are the technical differences for this. Despite its shortcomings, it was much more faithful-sounding than the sample-synthesis simulation AudioPCI-based sound cards employ.

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Very well done, sir.

As some of you pointed out an SB16 is more era correct when it comes to socket 7, and I felt the digitized sound wasn’t as good with the CT I don’t know what are the technical differences for this. There is no workaround for this flaw and it occurs with all operating systems since it is an issue at the hardware level.

The following model numbers were assigned to the Sound Blaster 16 WavEffects: Sound cardsaccessed August 6, These alien bastards are gonna pay for shoving their cf2230 in my game. I find I often prefer DosBox to play older games.

Working Creative Sound Blaster 16 CT ISA Audio Card UK SELLER | eBay

Archived copy as title Use mdy dates from March Board index All times are UTC. Archived from the cf2230 on December 19, The Sound Blaster 16 is a series of sound cards by Creative Technology. As many Sound Blaster 16s are now well over 20 years old, many cards suffer from symptoms related to aging capacitors, ranging from muffled or distorted output to the cards failing to xo properly.


I have to say I’m not familiar with Setmul, but I sometimes disable caches by going in the Bios for speed sensitive games.

The design of the board, which varied from model to model, could further exacerbate CQM’s inaccuracies. As computer needs grew it became common for a system to need more than 1 ATA interface.

Might get around to do some benchmarking soon. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Share some benchmarks if you get a moment.

Sound Blaster 16 ISA Audio Card CT Creative Labs Vintage | eBay

Software needed to be written to leverage its unique abilities, yet the offered capabilities lacked compelling applications. Retrieved December 19, I px at the thread in your signature and learned about Phil’s benchmark kit, didn’t know he had one – cool idea! Views Read Edit View history. Most Sound Blaster 16 cards feature connectors for CD-audio input.

First line disables L1 cache, 2nd line executes game, 3rd line re-enables L1 after game quits. This disclaimer is brought to zp thanks to the BSA. Computer Gaming World in stated that “We were not impressed with the quality of the digital audio” of the Sound Blaster 16 or 16 ASP, reporting “pops and extra noise” and incomplete Sound Blaster compatibility.


Sound Blaster 16 ISA Audio Card CT2230 Creative Labs Vintage 1994

Retrieved 26 March Sound on Sound November Lastly, there is no backplate so the Serial connector is just hanging there, but I’m leaving it just in case even though I don’t really need it right now. The Sound Blaster 16 featured the then widely used TEA amplifier IC which, in the configuration Creative had chosen, would allow approximately milliwatts 0.

I may have to keep an eye out. It runs DOS 6. In addition, with regard to the headphone amplifier design on most boards, Creative did not fully adhere the datasheets’ recommendations on component values, potentially impacting the amplified output’s sound quality. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I xo know.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. The magazine ct230 recommended the “almost foolproof” Sound Blaster Pro or the original Sound Blaster. Rich Sorkin was General Manager of the global business during this time, responsible for product planning, product management, marketing and OEM sales.