Our skin tones were accurate without being blotchy, and we could clearly make out the individual stripes of our shirt. In line with the robust and largely matte surfaces and the small The deep-seated hinges and rear-mounted battery prevent ports from being located in those areas. The manufacturing quality of notebooks has converged in the last ten years; no longer anymore do we have clapping bay doors and unclean-looking stamped plastic pieces. The latter was consistently on our nerves and continually demanded that we activate it. AnandTech First, let me make it clear that there’s really a lot to like with the U30Jc.

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Asus keeps the U30Jc pretty clean: Nvidiaa x resolution, Viewers looking on from above could only recognize the outlines of what was on screen. The vertical viewing angles of the glare-display are very small. View of the U30JC.

The picture becomes dark quickly and nvdia colors invert. Use under direct sunlight is possible, though in situations of strong sunlight a shady area should be sought out. Dark writing on bright backgrounds are less dependent on the viewing angle than colors and pictures. Therefore, it always clocks with max.

A light sensor is not built in. The palm rest feels cool to the touch, even when the device has already ran for several hours without much stress. It is located awkwardly and almost invisible on the front left side.


The touch pad is located just slightly below the surface of the palm rest. The good luminance of the glare-panel can prevail in certain lighting conditions over reflections. Brava’s light-powered smart oven is too expensive to make sense. Keyboard The keyboard is particularly suited to typists, though potential users will have to look past an extremely spongy keyboard base. Just as important, this handsome aluminum-clad notebook has the brains to know when users require more muscle or more endurance.

The loudspeakers are directly adjacent. The action is soft and the feedback is spongy. It duplicated a 4. AnandTech First, let me make it clear that there’s really a lot to like with the U30Jc. The biggest variety of subnotebooks is represented with this size. Touch pad without scrollbars.

Asus U30Jc Notebook Has Core i3, Nvidia Optimus

But there’s at least a degree range between those extremes that allow for good viewing. The underside was also able to be handled, as the thermometer only punctually reached Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: The notebook also sports a spring-loaded flush-mount SD-card slot, handy for expanding storage without needing to remove the card when putting the notebook in a carrying case.


The Altec-Lansing name on them doesn’t hold much water. This distracting noise was constant and interrupted our enjoyment of the film U30jcc is not so on the U30JC, which lends the work surface a cleaner look.

Asus U30Jc-A1

Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. We cannot heap too much praise on the Nvidia Optimus system, as the technology was only tested with simple applications that did not stress the GPU to a great extent. The free-standing keys offer large hands enough breathing room, increasing typing accuracy. It is only when the i5-processor and the Nvidia graphics are nvidai to task in a stress test that the cooling fan makes its presence known with Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

Weak areas are first found when typing; the keyboard has poor feedback and its surface has plenty of give lending a spongy typing experience. The same cannot be said of the DVD-drivewhich during operation watching a film emitted a constant shrill whistle.