If it’s about telling stories, it’s in their wheelhouse. As mentioned previously, this solution uses a Thunderbolt 2 host interface with four host ports available. Later in , they manufactured their first storage unit and based it entirely on PCIe technology, which means speed and compatibility will never be a problem. I love the ease of use when it comes to replacing the drives, which is just a slight press in and then removing the drives by the handle that appears. It’s very loud when you first start it up, then it levels out a bit, but still noticeable. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

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The lack of a second Thunderbolt port on the ExaSAN for daisy-chaining is disappointing, but not a dealbreaker as long as you keep it at the end sccusys the chain. Here are a few numbers for your consideration, these tests were run via Thunderbolt 2 on a Retina iMac: The basic acdusys is this: So once I came to the conclusion that their products promised an insane amount of performance for video editing and visual effects, I knew this was right up my alley.

Its swappable modular disk array design, RAID controller, FAN and power supply module dramatically facilitate both maintenance and system reliability. Hugh also writes screenplays he recently optioned a TV pilot and just published his first eBook Apple’s iPhone: With such high quality footage available at such low costs these days, it’s accuss for your disk to get bogged down and start dropping frames.

While many of past reviews on Thunderbolt devices have centered on connecting a single PC or Mac, the Accusys unit supports four Thunderbolt 2 host ports. He and the team write, direct, shoot, score, and edit web-centric films; conduct photo shoots; and write copy, white papers and blog posts. This little guy can be tucked away quite easily and provides the conversion from the provided QSFP cables to Thunderbolt.


On eaid FC HBA, a powerful processor is computing, you can see by the size of the heat sink on the chip to cool it, converting the PCIe data from the workstation to 8Gb Fibrechannel takes power. A warning beepen tone is emitted based on system status for quick servicing.

A Note About Ethics Everything you read here is my personal opinion. With all of the above said, the Accusys unit is no small storage solution.

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While USB 3 drives are great for their backwards compatibility, ubiquity, and large storage sizes, they’re just not up to snuff when used as a scratch drive for video acvusys. Obviously an enclosure this powerful needs a certain level of cooling to keep from overheating and here is the one of the few problems I’ve found with the the A08S3-PS: Now five years after its birth into the market Thunderbolt now in its third generation has teamed up with USB 3.

The A12S2-PS also runs cooler and enables significant cost savings for IT departments through its energy efficient green design. You can find products similar to this one for sale below.

I actually got excited looking at the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test results for this monster 25 lb. About the Noise Fast Now, Fast in the Future Speed and compatibility are the two features that pretty much dictate my storage purchasing habits.

As 4K and UHD gain more and more traction as shooting formats, you’ll need to consider carefully how you plan to store and work with this footage. Accusys has been around since and their primary focus has always been RAID technology, starting first at the software level. The Next Video Riad. You can probably count on the price being about half as much accuys removing a single feature you may not even require. In they manufactured Apple ‘s very own Xserve, which was designed to be up and running practically out of the box, much like this unit.


What do YOU use for storage? Seemingly randomly for me, the fans spun up to their highest level for a minute or two at a time, then went back down to normal.

Reader Review: Crazy-Fast RAID System from Accusys | planet5D curated digital image news

I love the ease of use when it comes to replacing the drives, which is just a slight press in and then removing the drives by the handle that appears. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Rwid website. You’ll be able to hear this clearly in the video below.

All of the parts you’d ever need to interact with like acxusys drive bays, power supply, and RAID controller can all be removed easily, making this an incredibly modular setup if you were inclined to upgrade it yourself. It features PCI Express 2. Events requiring attention are entered into an eventlos and e-mail notification is seat.

It is full speed ahead from the workstation to storage. To an individual editor, despite how many awesome things I have to say about this exact RAID array, I think it’s going to be a tough sell.